Platinum Puzzy May 29, 2020

Platinum Puzzy Radio is a 2011 Urban X “Best Internet Adult Radio Show” winning podcast that has been around for 10 years! Platinum Puzzy, a trailblazer in the adult industry represents the BBW niche and has been active in the business since 2005!

This podcast is uncensored, where you are free to be yourself. Unadulterated, where anything can happen! AND unhinged as we laugh until we can’t laugh anymore. No, seriously like stomach pains, cheeks hurt hilarious at times.

Our podcast is judgment free. We are not here to pick apart your life and tell you what NOT to do. We want you to feel inspired, motivated and empowered by our guests and our content.

Welcome to the CAT-ASS-TRAPHY we call our podcast!

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